D55: Learning about MongoDB using Mongoose

I continued with the Udemy Web Developer Bootcamp today. Mongoose is an ORM used to interact with MongoDB. I’ve worked with databases for most of my career and I typically think ORMs are evil, but I can see the appeal when I don’t know how to access objects in the database without using the ORM.

D53: Pairing Up

Today I worked on my own for an hour doing the Udemy Web Developer Bootcamp. The material today started on the big YelpCamp prject that I think will be the remainder of the course.

But the activity that stretched my brain more than the Udemy class was doing some pair programming as an entrance exam for Code Chrysalis, a coding bootcamp in Tokyo. I acted as the navigator while trying to work through some basic library functions like creating foreach and map from scratch. I’ve heard about pair programming for a while now, but I’ve never been a participant.  It was stressful, but I will remember the solutions a lot more than if I had just typed them up on my own. I can see the advantages for the programmer to get better at their craft.