D47: An Eloquent Callback

Today I finished the exercises from chapter 5 of Eloquent JavaScript, Higher Order Functions and read an article on callback functions, Understand JavaScript Callback Functions and Use Them.  They have both helped me understand the concept more than just the FCC content. If nothing else I didn’t come away from FCC understanding that filter, map, and reduce all work on objects as well as arrays.

D45: Getting Eloquent

I must be feeling restless because today I put aside the Udemy class after only one day and read through Chapter 4 of Eloquent JavaScriptData Structures: Objects and Arrays. I I completed three of the four chapter exercises and will pick it up again tomorrow. Nothing earth shattering in this chapter, but I did enjoy seeing the solution for turning a list into an array use a for loop in a way that hadn’t occurred to me.

for (var node = list; node; node = node.rest) {}

I did essentially the same thing, but I used a while loop.

while (node.rest != null)

D34: I Don’t Know JS

After another frustrating hour working on my Simon game today I decided to take some time and read up on JavaScript. When I was having issues understanding closure someone on Twitter recommended that I read You Don’t Know JS. So today and going forward I will read for an hour in addition to coding for an hour each day until I have worked my may through this series. Today I finished the first chapter of  the first book Up & Going, Into Programming. The author mentioned that for people who have already been programming it might make sense to start with Chapter 3, but I decided to start at the beginning.  Continue reading “D34: I Don’t Know JS”